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Three Part Series on Prepping for Back to School

Three Part Series on Prepping for Back to School

As the Summer is coming to a close, I’ve put together a 3 part series of my tricks on how to wrangle monkeys into counting sheep. I hope that you’ll return over the next two weeks to learn more about how to get your family back on track for school.

Part 1:  "I Said Go To Bed!"

I’d like to think of myself as a children’s sleep advocate. What I mean is that I am a true believer that good sleep is one of THE most important factors in children’s overall health and wellness, and without the proper amount of sleep, a child’s health can suffer greatly. There are a few tricks that I practice to help get my daughters on...

4 Tips for the 4th to set your kids up for success!


 Verbalize the Plan…

4th of July for many families, consists of a day packed with BBQ’s, parades, parties and nighttime fireworks.  We tend to be overscheduled with activities that are not the normal everyday routine.  There will be new faces, new places and loud noises. 

 A great way to manage expectations and time is to go over in detail with your kids, the plan for the day. Let them know where you will be going, who they will be seeing, what food they will be eating and all the fun activities they will be doing.  If kids have a clear vision of the day’s events, chances are things will run a lot smoother.  Younger children like to know what to...

The 6 Sleep Stealers by Sleepy Planet Parenting

There are six main “sleep stealers,” or reasons your child isn’t sleeping well; she may be affected by one of them, by a combination of several, or—if you’ve hit the jackpot—by all six.

#1: No Consistent Bedtime Routine

Though most parents know a bedtime routine is a good idea, it is hard to be consistent, either because there’s too much to do or because your child has so much energy that it’s hard to slow her down. Still, a predictable wind-down routine is one of the most important tools your child needs to sleep well. Tips:

    • Physical activity should come before the routine
    • Should last 15 to 60 minutes at nighttime, and about 10 to...