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Over 30,000 Well-Rested LittLe Monkeys

Parents... no more monkeys sleeping in your bed!

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Love this so far. Took my toddler a few nights to get used to being in a big bed but now she absolutely loves it. Very comfortable too.

Softest Mattress Ever!

We bought this mattress for my almost 3 year old as he transitioned out of his crib. This bed is so soft and comfortable that I actually kind of look forward to when he needs extra snuggles to fall asleep.

My 13-year-old daughter loves her new bed!

No complaints

The order shipped and delivered quickly. Very easy to unpack. My son loved the monkey surprise. The mattress is comfortable and we highly recommend.

Amazing! So comfortable!

My toddler loves it and so do I! It’s so comfortable I wish you guys made a king size for adults, please?! Best mattress for toddlers out there!


Everything about this process was great

Insanely comfortable

Holy moly am I impressed. The mattress is soooo comfortable, I’m jealous that my toddler gets it and not me! Please make a king size!!!! It isn’t too soft but also isn’t hard as a rock. Definitely a medium feel in my opinion. The monkey included was a fun surprise for my little one and there was ZERO smell when opening mattress. Such a great experience, we will be customers in future.


Best mattress! This is our second 5 Little Monkeys mattress and both my kids love their beds. My husband and I wish we had this mattress!

Great for toddlers!

We purchased this mattress for our son who transitioned from a crib straight to a twin. He has slept well since night one! The shipping was fast and we absolutely love the mattress! Definitely worth purchasing.

Great deal and great quality!

I was adamant to get my second child a non toxic mattress like my first. My only regret is I didn’t order through 5 Little Monkeys the first time around! Truly a great deal for a mattress, pillow, sheet set! And why invest the money in a healthy mattress if you’re not going to have a healthy set of sheets? Great quality, great pricing. Very happy with our choice! (Also it arrived in less than a week) Bonus- my daughter was beyond thrilled to get the little monkey plush! Not needed, but made it a special experience for her!

Great Mattress

I did a TON of research before purchasing this mattress, and I don't often leave reviews, but this one is worth it! First of all, shipping was crazy fast- love that. The mattress did have a strong odor when first unboxed, but it went away after about 24 hrs. I was surprised at how soft it seemed, considering that toddlers should sleep on a firm mattress, but I realized it was only soft in comparison to an adult mattress/under my weight, but actually seems the perfect support for a 25 lb toddler. After several weeks of co-sleeping on this bed, I can tell you this is absolutely the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. My daughter is also sleeping much more soundly throughout the night than she did on our previous mattress! I am thrilled that this mattress has proven to be a great purchase.

Best mattress ever!! I wish I can buy a Cali king for me

Our family loves it

We transitioned my son from a crib to a twin sized bed and he is loving it. Sleeps pretty well (course being that he's only 2, it takes him a bit to fall asleep cause he'd rather play but once he does he's out). It's so comfy, everything was packaged well, came to our home fast, and the bedding is so soft. Our son loved the little monkey when it arrived and I love that it seems durable. As our family grows, I would definitely order another one for our future children!

I'm very happy with this bed. Setup is very easy and quick, and the mattress is very comfortable.

8" Original Memory Foam Mattress + Bedding Bundle

Very Happy

Not only does the company story set them apart from big competitors with generic gimmicks, but the quality is amazing and the little touches (option to add a stuffed monkey, pillow and sheets) made it feel personal. Our daughter loves it and is sleeping great on her “big girl” bed after leaving the crib.

Happy with my purchase!

Very please with the comfort and quality. Shipping was FAST as well. I also had a pleasant experience when I called into customer support before I made the purchase and that sealed the deal. Thank you!

Great product and box

Love the product, even down to the box they shipped the mattress in! It has provided entertainment to my toddler for days. we are very pleased

Comfortable and good for my children! We’ve bought three!


Details in the way everything is packaged is just classy and beautiful

Would buy again

Great feel. Arrived on time and could not be happier.

8" Original Memory Foam Mattress + Bedding Bundle

Platform Foundation
Rick Sanchez

Platform Foundation


I love how soft and comfortable it is for my 2 year old! I’m so happy I found a mattress like this! Thank you for helping me complete my child’s bedroom!

Love it

This is our second mattress to buy because we loved the first one!!!

Great Products Created Exclusively for kids

A Sleep System Truly for kids

  • The Challenge

    Study after study proves the importance of good rest for child development. But before we created 5 Little Monkeys, we couldn’t find a sleep system with children’s needs in mind. No one seemed to consider the important differences between grown-up bodies and growing bodies – or how kids sleep would be affected by those differences.

  • Thoughtful Design

    We set out to create a brand new kind of toddler mattress that can be used from age 3 through age 18. We started from the ground up, working to address a range of concerns in the design process like:

    • Body weight and proportions
    • Changing body structure
    • Body temperature regulation
    • Tendency to have nighttime "accidents"
    • Allergies
  • A Solution From Crib to College

    We created 5 Little Monkeys specifically for growing kids. We researched, studied and designed the optimum features and benefits to support better sleep in children. Then, we created an entire sleep system bed incorporating the very best of our findings. That means, not only is the 5 Little Monkeys Mattress the best choice for your growing monkeys, it’s the last one you’ll ever have to buy them! Our sleep system bed is the perfect toddler mattress that your child can transition to from the crib and continue to sleep in throughout their teenage years.