How Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Child's Sleep


At 5 Little Monkeys, our mission is to help kids everywhere experience the power of truly restful, healthy sleep. And besides offering one of the world's best mattresses for kids, we strive to make that happen by being a comprehensive resource for parents on all things in the world of kid's sleep. Unfortunately, sleep problems are common for children, and many parents aren't sure how to fix them. But it turns out that the first place to look for solutions to your child's sleep hygiene may just be your own.

The Link Between Your Sleep and Your Child's

The problem here isn't necessarily that a parent sleeping poorly will cause a child to also sleep poorly. In fact, the problem isn't even one of sleep, per se: the problem is perception. In a new study from the University Hospital of Turku in Finland, researchers found that parents' perceptions of their children's sleep we greatly impacted by their own sleep quality.

In the study, researchers had kids aged 2-6 use a device called an actigraph that measures sleep quality each night for a week. They also asked the parents to keep a sleep journal to track their own sleep and their children's sleep. What they found is surprising: parents who self-reported that they slept poorly often reported that their children also slept poorly, even when the actigraph showed that the children slept just found. The conclusion here is that parents who sleep poorly often project their own sleep quality onto their children, believing their children to be sleeping poorly even when it's not the case. While there may be many reasons for this, it's likely that parents who are sleeping poorly are more sensitive to noises or disruptions coming from their child, even when they may not represent a sleep problem.

Try a New Organic Mattress for Your Child

Falsely believing that a child has poor sleep quality can result in a range of problems, as it may cause parents to inadvertently prevent their children from developing healthy sleep habits on their own. So next time your child seems to be having a hard time sleeping, it may be wise to check in with your own sleep hygiene first to see if something is amiss. That said, it's still important to ensure your child has everything they need for healthy sleep – including a great kids mattress. And if you want help with that, just reach out to us at our contact page!