Why Your Kid Needs a Mattress With Memory Foam

Why Your Kid Needs a Mattress With Memory Foam

At 5 Little Monkeys, our goal is to help kids everywhere get the restful healthy sleep that's necessary for healthy growth and development, because as parents ourselves, we've seen the difference that proper sleep can make in a child's life first hand. To achieve that, we've worked hard to build one of the best kids mattress options available, designed from the ground up to give growing bodies what they need for healthy sleep. When we designed our kids mattress, we chose memory foam as the primary material – and if you're looking for a new mattress for your kids, you should too.

The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses for Children

While there are plenty of high-quality boxspring mattresses on the market, when it comes to choosing the right mattress for a child, we at 5 Little Monkeys recommend memory foam. That's the material we chose to form the basis of our own parent-endorsed kids mattress, and years of experience have shown us that it's the best option for kids. Here's why:

  • Flexible Support: The tricky thing about a child's mattress is that it will need to support their body through various stages of growth, and that's where memory foam shines. A memory foam kids mattress will adapt to your child's body on a night-to-night basis, offering perfectly-tuned support no matter how your child grows through the years.
  • Hypoallergenic: Unlike boxsprings, memory foam mattresses don't attract dust mites and other irritants. This makes memory foam an inherently hypoallergenic, gentle material for children.
  • Easy to Deal With: Memory foam mattresses fit well on low support platforms, which makes them a safer option for kids. They can also be folded up and transported without damaging the mattresses, making it much easier to manage during moving or cleaning.

Try Our Kids Memory Foam Mattress Today

While a traditional mattress can still be a good option, we at 5 Little Monkeys think that memory foam makes for the best kids mattress – and if you'd like to try our own children's bed, we'd love to speak with you. Contact us today to learn more about our mattress and how you can try it for 100 nights, completely risk-free. Give your child the gift of better, healthier sleep: try our kids bed today!

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