Getting Your Kids to Love Bedtime

Getting Your Kids to Love Bedtime

At 5 Little Monkeys, we have a firsthand understanding of the importance of sleep for kids, as we've seen it for ourselves in our own children. We truly want every family to experience the power of healthy, restful sleep, which is why we created the best mattress for kids on the market. But for all too many parents, bedtime can quickly turn into a battleground, and it's hard to know how to win. Don't fear, though: a smooth bedtime is achievable, and with the right approach, your child may even come to love bedtime.

Bedtime Tips for Kids

It may sound impossible – bedtime is the bane of many children's existence, so how could it be something they love? But trust us, it can be done, and these tips will help:

  • Start With Consistency: As with so many other aspects of parenting, a successful bedtime is all about maintaining a consistent routine. Children thrive on ritual, so it's important that their bedtime come at a set, consistent time each day, and that the activities leading up to it stay constant.
  • Make the Bedtime Routine Fun: Having a bedtime routine is crucial, but there's no reason to make it boring! Bedtime should be something that delights your child as they wind down and prepare for sleep. Make sure to include one or two of your little one's favorite activities in your bedtime routine. Whether it's reading from a favorite book, listening or singing along to soothing music, or a relaxing bath, bedtime activities should be something your child looks forward to.
  • Don't Forget the Day: Finally, remember that many bedtime problems actually have their roots in the day time. If your child isn't getting enough activity during the day they likely won't be tired come bedtime, and a chronic lack of sleep can also contribute to bedtime woes. Make sure to consider your child's sleep hygiene holistically, taking every factor of both the daytime and the night into account.

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We hope these tips make bedtime an easier routine for everyone, and with enough fine-tuning, your child may truly come to love their bedtime routine. If you still have questions about bedtime or any other aspect of childhood sleep hygiene, don't hesitate to reach out to us at our contact page. We can't wait to hear from you, and no matter what goes into your bedtime routine, we look forward to helping you and your child experience the magic of healthy, restful sleep!

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