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Finding Sweetness in a Sleepless Night

Finding Sweetness in a Sleepless Night

As a founder and developer of a children’s mattress line, I sell the idea of “good sleep” to parents.  Buy our mattress and your kids will sleep better! There is no doubt I’m authentic in my mission to help families sleep better, starting with the children, and we have done everything in our power at 5 Little Monkeys to make their sleeping experience the best it can possibly be. Unfortunately, however, there is no mattress on the planet that has the magic powers to keep kids from getting out of their beds some nights. We are still working on that one!

While I can pretty much guarantee your kids will sleep better on a 5 Little Monkeys mattress, it will...

Communication is Key! 3 Part Series on Prepping for Back to School

Communication is Key! 3 Part Series on Prepping for Back to School

Part 3: Communicators Mount Up!

Communicate as much as possible! As hard as it is to not to relish in those last glorious days of summer freedom, and you absolutely should, there also needs to be conversations about school starting again and what that looks like for your child and your family. Perhaps your child is starting a new school or a grade where there is going to be a lot more homework. Maybe there is a teacher they are dreading or they’re no longer in class with their best friend. Whatever it is, talking with your child, about what is on their mind will help ease their fears, especially at bed time!

 So from experience, I will tell...

Routine Rules! Three Part Series on Prepping for Back to School.

Part 2: Routine Rules!

One of the hardest things about summer ending and going back to school is that there is now a regimented routine to the days and weeks. We go from being on vacation and lazy summer days to overly scheduled, earlier bed and wake times. It’s enough to send any child (or parent) into a fit of frustration and tears. If your children are like my children the meltdowns always happen at bedtime.

To ease the shock of the transition to a more regimented schedule, try implementing a little more routine into those last days of summer. Here are 3 ways you can do this.

 1) Set a designated reading time each day leading up to the...