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Wrangling Monkeys and Counting Sheep

Tips & Tricks for Better Sleep from Your Children's Mattress Experts

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At 5 Little Monkeys, we're proud to have created a revolutionary children's mattress designed to give kids exactly what they need for perfect sleep – but our mission goes beyond that. We're passionate about ensuring that children everywhere get the restful sleep they need to grow and thrive. While the 5 Little Monkeys’ Sleep System is central to that goal, we also want to serve as a resource for all your sleep-related, parent questions and needs. Feel free to take a look through our blog for tips, tricks, and advice on getting better sleep for your little one. Now you can filter by sleep topic or concern to get right to the answer you need, fast!

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If you have further questions about our 5 Little Monkeys’ Sleep System bed, buying a toddler mattress, or your child’s sleep needs, never hesitate to contact our kids mattress experts directly. Our staff will be more than happy to help you find the answers you need. Shop our children’s mattress and sleep products today!

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Helping Your Child Sleep During Daylight Savings


Keeping a healthy bedtime rhythm can be difficult, especially with a young child. Everything from disruptions in the routine, the energy level of the day, and your little one’s mood can throw off the balance, leading to a fussy bedtime and difficulty sleeping, and schedule adjustments like “spring forward and fall back” are no exception. At 5 Little Monkeys, we have dedicated ourselves to studying the sleep needs of children, and designed the best kids mattress to improve the quality of their sleep and maximize the health benefits of healthy rest. Here are 5 tips to help your kid adjust to daylight savings this spring.

1) Keep a Consistent Morning Routine

The best way to...

Celebrate World Sleep Day with 5 Strategies

sleep day

World Sleep Day is March 19th, and this year it provides a great opportunity to reflect on our sleep goals and struggles, and try to set new habits for a better life. For parents of small children, sleep can be one of the greatest challenges, for you and your child, and the quality of the sleep you are getting has an affect on every aspect of your life and relationships. At 5 Little Monkeys, we have studied children’s health and wellness in connection to sleep, and based the design of our mattress for kids, and sleep system with waterproof mattress cover on these findings. Join us on the journey to better rest,...

Make March Matter with CHLA

At 5 Little Monkeys we are committed to improving the quality of children’s lives, starting with a good night’s sleep, so it should be no surprise that we’ve decided to partner with Children’s Hospital LA this February and March to give children bravely facing illness and injury a boost where it counts. We have poured our hearts into designing the best mattress for children, and for each purchase of our award winning 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System, we will donate $50 to kids in need with a minimum commitment of $10,000. Join us in our mission and enjoy $100 off on your purchase, sitewide.

Setting the Standard for Pediatric Care

Awarded Best Children’s Hospitals Honor...

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