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Wrangling Monkeys and Counting Sheep

Tips & Tricks for Better Sleep from Your Children's Mattress Experts

At 5 Little Monkeys, we're proud to have created a revolutionary children's mattress designed to give kids exactly what they need for perfect sleep – but our mission goes beyond that. We're passionate about ensuring that children everywhere get the restful sleep they need to grow and thrive, and while the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System is central to that goal, we also want to serve as a resource for all your sleep-related questions and needs. Feel free to take a look through our blog for tips, tricks, and advice on getting better sleep for your little one. And if you haven't already, try the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System for 100 days, completely risk-free!

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Getting kids to bed can be a difficult task, especially if you are a babysitter or caregiver once in a while for children. Fortunately, 5 Little Monkeys, the children’s mattress specialist, has all the tips and tricks for you to get those little ones down at night. Follow our advice and we guarantee the children you are watching will fall right to sleep.

Putting Kids to Sleep

Putting Kids to SleepWith children, one of the most important pieces of advice is being consistent. Children like structure and respond well to it, especially when dealing with bedtime. 5 Little Monkeys and our kids waterproof...

4 Effective Bedtime Routine Tips & Tricks

The bedtime routine is an essential part of parenting for your own sanity and for your child’s sleep schedule and overall behavior during the day. Bedtime routines should be done consistently and effectively every night so that your child understands what will happen at bedtime. This will also allow your child to fall asleep more easily so they get a better night’s rest. 5 Little Monkeys is an expert in children’s mattresses and children’s sleep, we guarantee your child will sleep better with these effective bedtime routine tips.

Consistent Bedtime Routine

Consistent Bedtime Routine

Your child’s bedtime routine should be consistent every night....

Depending on the child, bedtime can be a little difficult on parents. Some children find it hard to fall asleep for a number of reasons, anything from increased anxiety to childhood insomnia or simply too much screen time before bed. The good news is, music at bedtime can actually help ease some of these issues and help your child fall asleep easier and sooner. At 5 Little Monkeys, your mattress for kids specialist, we believe music can improve your child’s sleep and bedtime routine.

Calm Thoughts & Emotions at Bedtime

Calm Thoughts & Emotions at BedtimeMusic always seems to have a calming effect...