Managing Stress for a Happy Family


The medical crisis and ensuing quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic are throwing the routine of people across the country and the world into chaos – and for many, that means increased stress. Managing that stress can be difficult, especially when we're locked in our homes all day. At 5 Little Monkeys, our mission is to help kids and families everywhere experience the life-changing power of truly healthy, restful sleep, but we also strive to be a resource on parenting in general. So to help out during this challenging time, we'd like to offer a few tips on managing stress for a happy family.

Tips for Managing Quarantine Stress

Being stuck inside all day have you feeling a little insane? Don't worry: you're not alone. Many people are feeling an increase in stress and anxiety in response to the COVID-19 quarantine, and that can make it hard to be a productive member of your family. Here are a few tips to make it easier to manage stress during the COVID quarantine:

  • Get Outside: It may seem obvious, but it's so important it bears repeating. While we may be practicing social distancing, we're still allowed to go out for walks around the neighborhood, and taking those walks is critical. Humans need fresh air and sunlight to be healthy, so make sure you're getting at least 30 minutes of sunlight per day!
  • Understand Your Coping Mechanisms: We all cope with stress in different ways, some healthy and some less so – and that's ok. The important thing is to understand how you cope. Under increased stress, many people will overeat or turn to social media as a coping strategy, while others may pour an extra glass of wine. If you can understand your own coping mechanisms with compassion, then you can take a more active role in deciding if they're the most helpful coping mechanisms available to you.
  • Set a Routine: While it may seem like it would bring added pressure, setting up a consistent routine can do wonders to alleviate stress. It's hard to be productive when there's no structure to the day, so giving yourself a schedule helps add order to the chaos and makes each day feel easier to manage.

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We hope these tips make it easier for you to manage the stress of the quarantine, but above all, remember to be kind to yourself. We're all going through something strange, frightening, and difficult – and it's ok if we aren't perfect in every way. If you have more questions about managing stress or your child's sleep, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page, and as always, remember that there's never a bad time to take our 100 Night Rest Test and try our kid's mattress risk-free. Either way, we wish health, safety, and peace for you and your family as we move through this unfolding pandemic.