How Do I Stop My Child From Sleepwalking?


Sleepwalking in children is not abnormal. Many children may end up sleepwalking or sleep talking at one point or another during their childhood. It’s difficult to “stop” a child from sleepwalking, but you can help them be more safe and help them relax more at bedtime. 5 Little Monkeys recommends trying the following tactics to help your child through their sleepwalking phase.

He Sleepwalking in Children & How to Help Them

Sleepwalking is not necessarily dangerous, but it’s important to take precautions to ensure your child is safe. First and foremost, 5 Little Monkeys suggests getting a great sleep system for kids and a children mattress that is made for them. Additionally, you can try the following safety tips:

  • Never wake a sleepwalking child. Instead, try to gently guide them back to their room and bed.
  • Lock the windows and doors throughout the house so your child cannot wander outside while sleepwalking
  • Ensure your sleepwalker sleeps on the bottom bunk if they have bunk beds to prevent falls.
  • Remove sharp or dangerous objects and toys from your child’s bedroom.
  • Ensure your home is clutter free so your child doesn’t trip on something.
  • Install safety gates around all stairs.

Persistent Sleepwalking

If your child is constantly sleepwalking, you should consult a pediatrician. Something else may be triggering your child’s sleepwalking. Additionally, you can try to prevent sleepwalking by having a strict bedtime routine, listening to relaxing music prior to bedtime, making your child’s bedtime earlier, avoiding liquids close to bedtime to decrease the likelihood of a full bladder, and ensuring your child is comfortable in their childrens mattress.

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Every child is different and what works for one sleepwalking child may not work for another. If your child needs a new sleep system, contact 5 Little Monkeys for the best kids mattress! Our team will help you find a mattress for kids that is comfortable and will ensure a better night’s sleep.