At-Home Activities to Bring Your Family Closer


Whether it’s the cold weather or COVID-19 keeping you inside, sometimes being around the same people every day can give you a case of cabin fever, especially if you have little ones to wrangle, and no school or daycare to take the load off. At 5 Little Monkeys we believe that while this may be a stressful time, it is also a unique opportunity to spend time with family and foster deeper bonds between children and parents. Try out these 3 at-home activities and check out our sleep system, complete with the best mattress for kids and waterproof mattress protector.

Family Activities for Quarantine

If you're struggling to stay active and positive during the COVID quarantine, you're far from alone. Here are some ideas for fun family activities you can do easily in the house that will bring your closer as a family and help keep everyone sane:

  • Get Creative: Stimulate your child’s imagination and banish boredom with creative projects at home! Building models, coloring, working together to write a story, or simply playing mad libs are some great way to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe try filling an afternoon with a multi-step project like designing puppets and putting on a show. Encourage your child to make inventive design choices, solve problems, color outside the lines, and think outside of the box!
  • Game Night: Instead of giving in to the impulse for more and more screen time, go for some good old fashioned fun by busting out the board games! Schedule a family game night to play something as simple as Boggle or as intense as a scavenger hunt. If you’re feeling extra creative, try inventing a game that’s totally unique and playing that.
  • Cook Together: Trying your hand in the culinary arts can be just as creative and expressive as the visual arts, and cooking meals together is a great way to bond. Give the kids special assignments like mixing together ingredients, taste testing, or even choosing spices to get everyone involved!

Try Our Kids Mattress

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