10 Steps To Help Your Kid's Mattress Last Through Childhood


At 5 Little Monkeys we believe in the incredible impact the right mattress can have on a child’s sleep. Our own memory foam kid’s mattress is purpose built, along with accessories like our mattress protector, and kid-size pillow, to support growing bodies. A healthy night’s sleep is necessary for physical and emotional wellbeing, so we think it’s worth the investment in high quality products. Protect your investment by protecting your child’s mattress with these 10 steps.

Mattresses Last With Proper Care

A quality mattress like the 5 Little Monkeys children’s mattress is built to last, but proper care is necessary to maximize this longevity. Here are our top 10 care tips for your mattress.

  • Follow the Directions: First things first – you should always follow the manufacturer's care instructions included on the mattress to ensure longevity.
  • Provide Proper Support: Without proper support, a mattress will degrade faster. Be sure you’re using a box spring or bed frame that fits to keep your mattress in good condition.
  • Never Jump On the Bed: As fun as it might sound, jumping on the bed can do real damage to a mattress, and drastically shorten its lifespan. You’ll also avoid a few bumps and bruises!
  • Use a Mattress Protector: It’s normal for accidents to happen. That’s why, especially for a children’s bed, a mattress protector is a must to protect the bed from spills and other mishaps.
  • Rotate Your Mattress: Flipping your mattress over every 2 to 6 months ensures even wear, and prevents depressions from forming in the mattress.
  • Be Careful During Transport: If you have to move the mattress, always encase it in plastic before bending or folding the mattress, and try to keep it upright during transit.
  • Give It Some Air: About once a month, strip the bedding off your mattress and expose it to sunlight for a day. This helps to air out the mattress and can also control dust mite populations.
  • Limit Pet Access: We love to cuddle with furry friends, but to ensure the longevity of your mattress it’s best they sleep separately. The dirt, drool, and fur they introduce to the bed can take a toll.
  • Wash Bed Linens: Oil, hair, and dirt can collect on bed linens and transfer to the mattress, causing damage over time. You should wash your bed linens every week or two to prevent too much build up.

Contact Your Kid's Bed Experts

Following these tips will help your child’s mattress last as long as it should, and if you have any more questions about caring for the bed and improving sleep, we can help. Contact us with any questions and if you haven’t yet, try the 100-Night Rest Test of our world-class children’s mattress completely risk free! Find out why the 5 Little Monkeys mattress receives such rave reviews.