Montessori’s Foundational Belief


What is the sleep method all the parents are talking about nowadays? The Montessori Sleep Method states that the best way to enhance a child's learning experience is to follow the child, allowing them to learn by doing things when they feel ready to do them. The foundation of this belief is that little ones should be presented with learning tools and allowed to master concepts in their own time, and the same principles can be applied to sleep. The team at 5 Little Monkeys also believes in allowing a child to be in charge of their own sleep, and when combined with our award-winning kids’ mattress, the Montessori Sleep Method produces well-rested children who don’t fight bedtime.

Who Is Maria Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori spent her life studying children. Through observation, she learned that children learn best when allowed to follow their own path. She founded an elementary school in Rome where children ages 6 through 12 were encouraged to learn in a communal environment. The students used learning materials to guide their own open-ended research rather than waiting for instructions from a teacher. By inspiring and teaching each other, students mastered subjects not usually taught until middle or high school.

Today Montessori schools operate in the United States for children age 3 and up. School days incorporate learning self guided concepts and practical skills ranging from multiplication to folding napkins. Children are surrounded by materials and tools to inspire them, and each child embarks on a unique path of inquiry every day, in what has been described as the “organized chaos” of Montessori School.

The Montessori Sleep Method

Applying this "at one's own pace" model to sleep has given rise to the Montessori Sleep Method. Little ones are given more freedom as they aren’t required to stay in their beds - they just have to remain within their rooms. One of the most important factors of this Sleep Method is that the mattress is placed on the floor so that children are free to make the decision to get out of bed when they desire. If a child wakes up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep, the child is free to get out of bed and do another activity until ready to go back to sleep. Children are afforded confidence by their self-sufficiency. Confidence to do things on one's own is the hallmark of Montessori learning and many parents have found success with this method.

Graduating to the 5 Little Monkeys Mattress

Part of fostering positivity about bedtime is to provide your child with a quality mattress and bedding that are comfortable and healthy for both body and mind. The 5 Little Monkeys sleep system incorporates our award-winning kid’s mattress made of high quality, hypoallergenic materials. Our technology elevates the restorative effects of your child’s sleep, forging positive associations and maximizing health benefits.