Kids Pillow

Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
DEV - Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
DEV COMPLETE - Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
DEV - Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
DEV COMPLETE - Kids Pillow 5 Little Monkeys Bed
Kids Pillow

Kids Pillow


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Our standard-size pillow is purposefully crafted with the ideal loft to ensure proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The carefully chosen fill material offers just the right amount of support, cradling the head and neck comfortably. We understand the importance of convenience and ease for parents, which is why ours is machine washable. 

Designed for Kids

Kids Pillow

The carefully selected loft ensures optimal support, effectively cradling the head and neck for a comfortable experience.
Perfect Loft Height for Children
Our standard-size pillow is designed with meticulous attention to detail to promote proper spinal alignment during sleep.
Healthier Sleep
Harsh chemicals have no place in kids bedding. Our pillow cover is made from 100% organic cotton and completely free from pesticides and toxins, so you can rest easy knowing that your child is resting safely.
Machine Washable
Ensuring proper sleep for your child is made easy with our kids pillow. It is conveniently 100% machine washable, fits standard-size pillowcases, and complements our kids mattress and platform foundation perfectly. Sleep hygiene for your child has never been simpler and more convenient.
Standard Size
Our kids pillow is designed to fit seamlessly into any standard-size pillowcase and pairs perfectly with our kids mattress and platform foundation. Enjoy a coordinated and comfortable sleep setup for your child with this versatile and well-matched combination.

A Warranty That Lasts

for products you'll love

At 5 Little Monkeys, our focus is on providing exceptional products designed specifically for kids to promote healthier and more restful sleep. Our children's mattress and sleep system are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of growing bodies. With our products, your child can experience faster sleep onset, sounder sleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed. We are so confident in the quality of our mattresses and foundations that we offer an industry-leading 15-year limited warranty. Additionally, our mattress protectors, pillows, and bedding come with a 1-year limited warranty, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.


Risk-Free Trial

for 100 nights of sleep

We're so confident in our childrens mattress, we want you to try it risk free. If you and your little one don't fall in love with the mattress after 100 nights sleeping on it, just let us know. We'll pick it up and give you a full refund, no questions asked.


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