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Monkey Plushy

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Celebrate the milestone of transitioning into a big-kid bed with excitement and joy. Introduce a new buddy for your child to name and cuddle with, making the experience even more special. This lovable companion will be there to comfort and accompany your child during this exciting time. Place your order now and let the adventures begin as your little one embarks on new journeys with their new buddy by their side.


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This monkey can swing through the trees and arrive on your doorstep in 3-7 business daysl

Washing and Care Instructions

Spot clean only.

Monkey Plushy

Everyone Loves our Monkey Plushy

Ease your child's transition into a big kid bed with our delightful Monkey Plushy companion. This adorable plush toy serves as a comforting and familiar presence, providing reassurance during this important milestone. Its cuddly nature and friendly character make it the perfect bedtime companion, creating a sense of security and comfort in the new sleeping environment. Help your child embrace their big kid bed with ease and joy, thanks to our lovable stuffed animal.

  • Fast Delivery

    We understand that kids can sometimes misplace or unintentionally damage their beloved possessions. Our dedicated team is ready to ship you a new companion as quickly as possible, ensuring that your child is reunited with their beloved friend in no time. We value your child's happiness and are committed to providing a seamless experience for you and your family. Rest assured that we've got your back when it comes to keeping your child's cherished companion by their side.


    Make bedtime stories even more magical and enjoyable with this lovable companion by your child's side. Snuggle up together as you embark on exciting adventures through the pages of their favorite books. This plush buddy adds an extra layer of comfort and imagination to the storytelling experience, making it a cherished and memorable time for both of you. Create lasting memories and foster a love for reading with our delightful companion, making bedtime stories an enchanting and bonding experience for your little one.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 746 reviews

Love this so far. Took my toddler a few nights to get used to being in a big bed but now she absolutely loves it. Very comfortable too.

Katelaine Jarmoska
Softest Mattress Ever!

We bought this mattress for my almost 3 year old as he transitioned out of his crib. This bed is so soft and comfortable that I actually kind of look forward to when he needs extra snuggles to fall asleep.


My 13-year-old daughter loves her new bed!

No complaints

The order shipped and delivered quickly. Very easy to unpack. My son loved the monkey surprise. The mattress is comfortable and we highly recommend.

Kaitlin M
Amazing! So comfortable!

My toddler loves it and so do I! It’s so comfortable I wish you guys made a king size for adults, please?! Best mattress for toddlers out there!