Your Holiday Gift Guide

Your Holiday Gift Guide


At night this holiday season, not a creature will be stirring, not even your little one, snug as a bug in a rug in their big kid bed, especially if you try out the 5 Little Monkeys sleep system. Our kids mattress is made from hypoallergenic materials, has a balanced soft-firm feel that supports growing bodies, and regulates temperature for a better night’s sleep. 5 Little Monkeys recommends putting the sleep system on Santa’s list, along with these great complimentary goodies.

The Perfect Pillow

The 5 Little Monkeys pillow, included in the sleep system or available separately, is perfectly proportioned for little ones. Designed to cradle the head and neck, this pillow makes for proper spinal alignment during sleep, supporting growth, comfort, and better sleep.

A Friendly Monkey

Who doesn’t love a cute little critter to unwrap? The 5 Little Monkeys plush monkey is the perfect sleep companion, soft and huggable with an undeniably adorable face. This little monkey is machine washable, highly durable, and comes included in the sleep system.

Starry Sky Night Light

What’s even better than a regular night light? A constellation in your room! Whether your child is a little iffy about the dark, a science buff, or just fond of a little celestial gazing, a starry sky night light makes a very exciting present. It puts a galactic spin on getting ready to fall asleep, and is quite soothing to watch while drifting off.

Awesome Pajamas

Fun to wear all holiday long, and to bed, are festive pajamas. These make a great “early present” to get kids in the festive mood, and they are a big bedtime enhancement. Opt for something special like footy pajamas, printed flannel, or a character onesie for maximum fun.

Custom Bedding

Lots of websites allow you to create custom blankets by uploading your own picture. Try turning one of your child’s drawings into a bedspread, or maybe a collage of pictures of the family pet. Whatever makes your child’s bedtime space feel like their own special zone, is a recipe for better sleep.

A Sleep System for Life

Sleep is when your child’s body does the most growing, and when the knowledge they soaked up like a sponge during the day is committed to memory. Sleep in childhood and all through life is vital, and improving your child’s sleep conditions with the 5 Little Monkeys sleep system can make all the difference, just try it out risk free and see what you think. Complete with mattress, mattress protector, pillow, and monkey, we’ve got you covered with a set that can grow with your child for a long time. Contact us today with any questions, read our reviews, and visit our blog for more!