Resolutions for Kids

Resolutions for Kids

When you think of New Year’s resolutions you might imagine middle-aged adults struggling to eat more vegetables or hit the treadmill more often—but there is an untold story in these often-unfinished goals: years of life spent not following through on resolutions. Practice makes perfect and, like with any other skill, the earlier you start setting and completing goals, the better you will be at carrying that habit with you into young-adulthood and middle-age. Here at 5 Little Monkeys, the creator of the best mattress for kids, we have put together a quick list of New Year's Resolutions for kids, so your young ones can be more prepared to set and achieve goals for the rest of their lives!

Bedtime Goals

One of the most difficult challenges for parents of young children is figuring out how to enforce a regular bedtime without becoming a tyrant who has to force their child into bed every night. By setting a bedtime resolution with your child, you can help your child feel like they are achieving their own goal—especially if you set up a reward system for being in bed by a particular hour. And it never hurts to have a comfortable sleep system mattress to help your child along with this process!

Brushing For Fun

It's great when goals are not only achievable but also build strong habits for your child to carry into the future. Brushing twice a day is a manageable goal that is easy to track and can make your child feel like they are accomplishing something in 2022. Try sticking a magnet calendar on the mirror or using star stickers to track your child’s progress throughout the month!

Grades and Gold Stars

School can seem like just another chore to a child who hasn’t grasped the importance of a good education, but when you introduce the element of goal-setting, grades can be a great motivator for any child. By setting up a personal goal system for school, your child can learn to love the classroom and enjoy the feeling of bringing home a report card full of As.

Cleaning is Caring

While your child may not be old enough to work the vacuum, it is never too early to learn the principles of a clean home. Try folding clothes with your child or have them help you make the bed with their sleep system mattress, and watch how they learn to love keeping their room clean!

Sleeping Secrets

One of the best ways to help your child focus on completing their goals and building good habits is to make sure that they are getting a good night’s sleep. Here at 5 Little Monkeys, we created the best mattress for kids, using innovative triple-layered memory foam that is designed to support children’s developing bodies. Try out our sleep system bed so that your child has the energy necessary to succeed now and in the future. Contact 5 Little Monkeys today to learn more or to order our famous sleep system mattress for your child!

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