The Downsides of Sound Machines for Children's Sleep

If your child has trouble falling and staying asleep, the convenience of a soothing sound machine can be tempting – but you might want to think twice. While sound machines may help kids fall asleep in the short-term, some research suggests that they may also have drawbacks, potentially even impairing certain aspects of development. At 5 Little Monkeys, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way kids sleep with our parent-approved mattress for kids. But today, we want to take a close look at the downsides of sound machines for children.

Are Sound Machines Bad for Kids?
A sound machine creates a blanket of soothing, ambient background noise that may make it easier for a child to fall asleep. But according to new research, the extra noise exposure may also impair certain aspects of brain development. A study by UCSF and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute found that exposing young rats to constant noise caused delays in auditory development, and these delays only returned to normal when noise levels returned to normal. Plus, the Environmental Protection Agency claims that sustained noises can contribute to both language and hearing impairments

But even aside from developmental problems, there's another issue with using sound machines to get kids to fall asleep. While they may help in the short-term, with continued use, children will start attaching sleep to the sound machine, which may mean they're eventually unable to fall asleep without one.In the end, a sound machine may reinforce habits that make healthy sleep much more difficult later on.

Get the Kids Twin Mattress Designed for Healthy Sleep
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