How to Get Sleep Even with Young Kids

At 5 Little Monkeys, our mission is to be a comprehensive resource on every part of the parenting process as it relates to sleep. Most of that involves helping kids get healthier sleep through our custom-built organic kids mattress, but when we say comprehensive, we mean it – and that includes parental sleep as well! As any parent knows, having a child often feels like resigning yourself to years of perpetual sleep debt, but it is possible to get decent sleep as a parent, even with young kids.

Tips for Getting Sleep When You Have Kids

Feeling like your children are slowly robbing you of your sanity by depriving you of a decent stretch of sleep? You're not alone. Just about all parents experience this, and while imperfect sleep will always be a part of parenting, here are some practical tips you can use to catch up on your beauty rest even if you're raising young children:

  • Take Turns: Most parents instinctively take shifts and switch off when checking on kids in the middle of the night, and the same approach can work well for mornings. But if you do take turns, make sure to take steps to protect the sleep of the sleeping partner: investing in a good eye mask and earplugs will help you actually catch up on the sleep you need so you feel rested when it's your turn to wake up early.
  • Make Breakfast Accessible: If you're trying to sleep in on the weekend and your child is old enough to fend for their own breakfast, make sure you keep cereal, milk, and any other necessities easily accessible. This way, they can make themselves a bowl and start on morning cartoons without disturbing your slumber.
  • Use a Light-Up Alarm Clock: One great way to help kids know when it's ok to get up is to use a light-up alarm clock. Set the alarm to when you want your kids to sleep until, then tell them that they're welcome to come out of their bedroom and start the day as soon as the light turns on – but if the alarm clock has yet to go off, they'll need to stay in bed.

Order the Best Children's Mattress Online

These tips can help you answer your child's questions and needs before they even come up, which is a great way to protect yourself from an early awakening and sleep disruption. But another important factor is to make sure that your child's mattress supports their body for proper sleep, as this will make it easier for them (and you) to sleep in. The 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System was created with just that purpose in mind – so contact us today to try it risk-free for 100 nights!

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