The Best Mattress for Kids

The Best Mattress for Kids


There’s nothing more reassuring for a parent than knowing that your child is sleeping soundly every night, allowing their body to grow and mind develop during those precious hours of rest. At 5 Little Monkeys we know that it can be difficult to get your little ones to sleep, so we’ve come up with 5 tips to make bedtime soothing and fun, when paired with our award-winning Sleep System for kids!

Unplug Before Bed

Devices are a part of our lives, whether it’s a phone or a tablet, a computer or TV. Kids of all ages use devices and screens for school and play, but it’s important to put them away before bed. Blue light from devices can affect a child’s circadian rhythm, making it very hard to fall asleep, so make sure to avoid screens for at least an hour before bedtime.

Wind-Down Rituals

After a day of exciting play your child is exhausted, but she’s having trouble venting her last bit of energy and shifting into a restful night routine. Winding down with some relaxing before-bed rituals will help her get sleepy. Try reading a story, brushing teeth, and talking quietly about the things your child did today.

White Noise and Soothing Sounds

Chances are your child goes to bed before you do, and could be roused by noises in the house making for a distracted and interrupted sleep cycle. White noise, from a fan or a sound machine, blocks out little sounds, gives an active mind something to focus on while drifting off, and prevents sudden noises from waking your child.

Keeping Consistent

Routine is very important for children, and helps them set healthy habits to last a lifetime. Even if your child’s bedtime schedule changes over time, it is important to try to be consistent. Blackout curtains can keep early bedtimes on track in the summertime.

Try Our Award-Winning Mattress for Free

There are many ways to set the stage for a positive bedtime, but sometimes it all comes down to the bed. The 5 Little Monkeys mattress and sleep system is designed to support your child as she grows, and is suitable for all ages from toddlers to teens. The all-organic, hypoallergenic design gives you peace of mind, and your child a healthy night’s sleep. We offer a 100 day free trial on our sleep system, risk free, so you can determine whether or not it’s the right fit for your child. Read our reviews and visit our blog for more healthy sleep tips!