Celebrate World Sleep Day with 5 Strategies

Celebrate World Sleep Day with 5 Strategies


World Sleep Day is March 19th, and this year it provides a great opportunity to reflect on our sleep goals and struggles, and try to set new habits for a better life. For parents of small children, sleep can be one of the greatest challenges, for you and your child, and the quality of the sleep you are getting has an affect on every aspect of your life and relationships. At 5 Little Monkeys, we have studied children’s health and wellness in connection to sleep, and based the design of our mattress for kids, and sleep system with waterproof mattress cover on these findings. Join us on the journey to better rest, and try incorporating these 5 Sleep hacks into your little one’s (and your own) routine!

1) Get Up With the Sun

One way to hack your sleep is to lean into the habit-forming instincts that nature blessed us with. Synching your circadian rhythm with the sun helps your body release the hormones melatonin and cortisol that are responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleepiness.

2) Try Yoga Before Bed


Adults and kids struggling to fall asleep could benefit from this feel-good practice, and doing yoga together creates a great opportunity for bonding! A simple stretching routine, beginners yoga flow, or even just quiet meditation can do wonders preparing the body for sleep.

3) Avoid Blue Light

One of the major culprits of insomnia, fatigue, and sleep problems is overexposure to the blue light that emanates from digital screens. Using your phone or computer before bed, even just for a little bit, can cause serious sleep disturbances. Try to quit screen activity an hour before bedtime.

4) Use a Sound Machine

If you sleep in a bustling city, have difficulty tuning out noises, feel anxiety at night, or go to bed at a different hour than other members of your household (or if your child goes to bed before you do,) using a sound machine at night can prevent restless waking and trouble falling back asleep.

5) Find the Right Mattress

The critical foundation for a good night’s sleep is the proper sleep environment, especially when it comes to the mattress and bedding. The wrong mattress can make you too hot, too cold, give you allergies, or cause muscular and skeletal pain, and all that amounts to disturbed sleep. When it comes to kids, 5 Little Monkeys has developed the best mattress to support growing bodies. Made with high quality, hypoallergenic, and temperature-adaptive materials, our sleep system helps build positive sleep associations through healthy, restorative rest. Try it risk free for 100 days, and contact us if you have any questions. For more sleep insight and news, visit our blog!