Stuffed Animals & Child Development


Think back to your very first buddy. You’ll probably think of your first friend from school—the person whose eyes you met across the classroom and instantly became best friends with! Or maybe it was a cousin or a neighborhood kid! But let’s go a little further down memory lane. Who was the first friend who accompanied you in your imaginative quests? Likely it was Teddy, your teddy bear. Although as adults we don’t quite remember how many adventures we took with our stuffed animal, we can confidently say that your plush toy helped mold who you are today.

Language & Socialization Skills

Ever thought about how you first got started speaking? It may have been primarily because of mom or dad, but most people don’t realize (or recall) the numerous times that they spent one-on-one time with their stuffed animals talking about their escapades. Whether it be a spaceship to the moon, embarking on a pirate ship, playing dress-up or tea time, the amount of time you spent as a child speaking with your little pal actually allowed you to finesse your speech, practice your words, and fine-tune your social skills. This too can be applied to your little one, today!

Flexing Your Imagination Muscles

As children, we don’t really think that it’s odd to speak for or to an inanimate object. In fact, it’s quite fun and pleasing! Coming up with adventures for the two (or more) of you is such an entertaining way to spend the afternoon. It allows children to be creative with their story-telling by coming up with a plot or storyline, create a climax in their story by adding a dangerously close-call, and wrapping up ‘the end’ when they reach their safe and happily ever after! The best part? Every day is an opportunity for a new imaginative adventure!

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Although our stuffed animals are helpful for our psyche and overall development during the day, they can also be a great source of comfort at night. Hugging them and feeling their softness offers a calming feeling that relaxes us. Why not pair this emotional feeling of comfort with a physical feeling of comfort by sleeping on our Sleep System set; this waterproof children’s mattress is anatomically designed to cradle your child’s body perfectly. Your child will surely feel so comfortable with their stuffed animal on our mattress, that they will drift off into their dreams for another adventure with their buddy. Order online or contact us by giving us a ring at +1 (844) 325-5555. Sweet dreams!