How a Good Night's Sleep = Better Performance in School


Nothing puts a damper on the day quite like knowing you’re waking up before you’ve had enough sleep. You know when you wake up that you’re going to be lacking in focus, dependent on coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker), probably a little (or a lot) irritated, and the whole day is going to draaaaag. Poor sleep can make any day feel like the Monday-est Monday.

Kids also feel the same way we do when they get a poor night of sleep. It may be hard to pick up on the quality of your child’s sleep, sometimes kids can make it abundantly clear that they’re lacking sleep either by telling us they didn’t sleep very well or by acting differently or acting out. Many of us know just how important sleep is for kids and adults of all ages, but do you know all the ways sleep can affect kids and their performance in school? Read on to learn more.

Attitude or Behavioral Problems Can Be Linked to Poor Sleep

If you’ve noticed new behavioral issues or some attitude when there wasn’t one before it could be due to lack of quality sleep. Getting a decent night’s sleep helps kids control their impulses, manage their emotions, and keep their behavior in check. In studies, they found that children, when they went to bed later, were reported to have more behavioral problems in the classroom compared to days when they had gotten more sleep.

Sleep Affects Overall Performance in School

The ability to concentrate, focus, learn and retain information, as well as problem solve are all important requirements and skills for kids, of all ages, to be able to do while in school. Lacking in sleep affects these abilities significantly and can impact a child’s ability to learn and find success inside the classroom.

It’s not just children’s attitudes and learning skills that are affected by poor sleep, their grades can be dramatically impacted by lower quality sleep. Often, it’s that kids end up staying up too late. In another study, they compared students who had an A/B average to those with C’s and below. They found that the A/B students got 17-33 more minutes of sleep and were in bed 10-50 minutes earlier than students with C’s and below.

Invest in a Mattress Made for Kids

Now that you know more about the importance of sleep for you and your child, it may be a good time to take a look at the household’s sleep habits and sleep hygiene. Another important aspect to examine is the quality of your child’s mattress. Not all mattresses are treated equally. (I’m sure we’ve all had a night or two on a futon or rock hard bed that really did a number on the back.)

Investing in a mattress that is made for kids can mean the difference between a bad or a great night of sleep. Our kids mattress is waterproof and designed with children in mind. When it’s great for them and it’s great for Mom and Dad too! Let us help your family achieve optimal sleep and help everyone perform better in school and at work - everyone wins when the kiddos get enough sleep.