Sleep Habits to Encourage


At 5 Little Monkeys, we're proud to offer one of the best kids mattresses on the market, and we've seen the difference that it can make firsthand with our own two children. But in addition to providing a parent-approved children's mattress, we strive to be a resource on every aspect of child sleep hygiene. A big part of sleep hygiene is your child's sleep habits, and if you're wondering how to help your child build good sleep habits, here are a few you should be sure to encourage.

The Best Sleep Habits for Children

Want to help your child sleep better? It's all about habits. Here are some important sleep habits to encourage for your child:

  • Consistency: Kids thrive on routine, and that's doubly true for sleep. Try to keep the same bedtime and wake up time for your child whether it's a weekday or a weekend, as this forms healthy rhythms.
  • Sleeping in Their Own Bed: While cosleeping is common in many cultures, sleep experts usually recommend that children sleep in their own bed. While it's ok to comfort your little one if they come to you in the middle of the night, resist the urge to let them climb into bed with you and encourage them to sleep in their own bed.
  • The Bed Is for Sleeping: Another important habit is to ensure your child only uses their bed for sleeping. Doing activities like homework or watching TV in bed can cause a range of sleep problems, so make sure that the only thing your child does in bed is sleep.
  • No Evening Screens: The high-frequency blue light from cell phones and computer screens tampers with the natural circadian rhythm of our bodies, so make sure your child doesn't use screens in the hours before bedtime.

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These habits will help your child maintain good sleep hygiene, which will help everything from cognitive development to emotional health over time. But remember that in addition to healthy habits, your child needs a high-quality children's mattress to get the best sleep possible. Our organic kids mattress is built from the ground up to give kids' growing bodies what they need for healthy, restful sleep. Want to see the difference? Try it today!