Should You Set a Bedtime for Kids?


At 5 Little Monkeys, we're on a mission to help kids everywhere get healthier, more restful sleep by offering a revolutionary children's mattress that parents and kids everywhere love. But in addition to our kids bed, we strive to make the process of parenting easier – and when it comes to sleep, one of the most challenging parts of parenting is bedtime. Bedtime can easily turn into a battleground when kids don't want to go to sleep, but there are some parents who don't even set a regular bedtime for their kids! It may sound far-fetched, but could there be merit to this unconventional approach?

Should Kids Decide Their Bedtime?

To most parents, the idea of a child deciding on when they go to bed for themselves sounds like heresy. Many kids throw a fit when bedtime is announced, so what's to stop them from staying up all night? However, for some families, it does work: there are some families who allow their kids to set the bedtime and work with their children to help them recognize the signs from their body that tell them it's time for sleep.

However, the truth is, these families are few and far between. And regardless of the philosophical question, most parents face a certain reality that makes it impossible to manage without a regular bedtime: school. While it can be fine for a child to go to bed late if they can also sleep in late, kids need anywhere from 10 to 14 hours of sleep every night, and many have to wake at 7 or 8 am to get to school. For that reason, a regular bedtime is a must-have for most families.

Contact Your Children's Mattress Experts

Whether you choose to set a bedtime for your kids or not, it's important to make sure they get a sufficient amount of high-quality sleep every night. And while bedtime can help ensure quantity, your child needs a high-quality children's mattress to promote high-quality sleep. Thankfully, our kid's bed is custom-made to support growing bodies. See for yourself: take the 100-Night Rest Test and try our kid's mattress risk-free today!