5 Ways to Help Your Kids Get Organized

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Get Organized

As parents, we all know how important is to be organized. But kids are still developing skills to learn how to stay on task, plan ahead and finish projects. Did you know that good organizational skills and proper sleep go hand in hand? This is especially true with children! When kids have weak organizational skills, it affects their ability to retrieve information. When kids have a lack of sleep, it directly affects their concentration and ability to retain information. Here at 5 Little Monkeys, we have developed the best mattress for kids in order to give children the strongest foundation for success in the world: a good night’s sleep. Once your child has gotten a full night’s rest on one of our sleep system mattress, then they will be ready to get organized and face the world. Here are some simple things you can do to help build your child’s organizational skills from an early age!

Cleaning is Key
When it comes to organization, one of the biggest obstacles a child can face is a messy room. Start your child off early with good cleaning habits by making a game out of picking up their room or folding cloths. Teaching your child to make their 5 Little Monkey bed is a fantastic way to help them build good habits for the rest of their life!

Never Too Early For A Planner
While it may be a little early for a leather-bound datebook, your child can start practicing their organizational skills in a fun kid’s notebook. Even if it is just recording the week’s chores or the things they are looking forward to that weekend, using a notebook can help your child develop a sense of time and responsibility. Try bringing your child to the bookstore or pharmacy to pick out a notebook that appeals to them!

Reward Good Habits
Order can be a difficult concept for a child’s wild imagination to grasp—but you know what isn’t difficult? Prizes. Whether you help your child keep track of brushing their teeth or getting to bed on time, setting up a prize system will incentivise them to stay on task and positively reinforce those good habits that lead to staying organized.

Set A Good Example
Remember to model the behavior you want to see in your child! You are their greatest role model, which means that they will likely mirror whatever habits you exhibit in your daily life. While you may be able to hide some things from your child, organization is one thing that is apparent in every aspect of life. Simple things like doing the dishes, keeping your office in order, and following through on commitments will increase the chances that your child develops strong organizational skills.

The Mattress Matters
Ever notice how it's impossible to keep track of your train of thought after a few nights of not sleeping well? When you can’t get a good night’s sleep, organization is one of the first things to go. Here at 5 Little Monkeys we have developed the best mattress for kids—using triple layer memory foam technology to help children get the deep sleep they need for proper mental and physical development. Contact us today to try our sleep system bed and see how a good night’s sleep can help your child stay organized!