Remote Learning & Bedtime - How to Help Your Child Sleep After Screens


It’s fairly common knowledge that the blue light emitted from our cell phones, TV screens, computers, and tablets can disturb our circadian rhythm, or our natural internal process that controls the sleep and wake cycle throughout the 24 hour day.

For many of us, our regular routines went out the window pretty quickly when quarantine began. I’m sure a brave and strong few were able to keep a regular routine going for a while longer than the majority. There may even be a more select few that still, somehow, have a routine in place and we commend you!

But for us mere mortals that are struggling to get our little monkeys into bed, sometimes they need more than the appeal of a super comfortable children’s mattress. Here are a few tips to help with the remote learning and bedtime challenges so many of us are facing.

Find and Keep to a Routine

There, we said it, the dreaded word: “routine”. Even though the old routine from our pre-Covid lives has probably kicked the bucket, that doesn’t mean that having no routine should become the routine.

So many things changed for so many of us and with those changes there’s a call for a new set of habits. If you’re finding it hard to set or create a new and logical routine for you and your littles, think about these key points when creating one:

  • Set a screen time shutoff point
  • Keep dinner at or around the same time
  • Make sure everyone gets time outside in the daylight
  • Set up wind-down and relaxation time before bed
  • Stick to reliable and regular wake and sleep times

Once you’ve created a basic structure for your new quarantine routine, help your kiddos thrive even while they sleep by providing them a mattress that’s made just for them.

Dream Easier with a Kids Waterproof Mattress

We’ve created a mattress that’s just for kids with all the thoughtful design mom’s and dad’s hope for and need by making it waterproof. A waterproof kids mattress means that no matter what the day or night brings you know that your child’s mattress can take on all sorts of messes. Let us help you make quarantine life a little easier by ordering our childrens mattress.