Methods To Consider Before Your Child Goes On Sleep Aids

Methods To Consider Before Your Child Goes On Sleep Aids


At 5 Little Monkeys, we work hard to help kids everywhere get better sleep by offering a children's mattress that's beloved by parents and kids alike. Sleep matters to us because as parents ourselves, we've seen the effect it can have on a child's well-being firsthand. But not all kids sleep easy, and some doctors are turning to sleeping pills and other sleep aids as a solution. If you're a parent and your child struggles to fall or stay asleep at night, here are some proven techniques to help your child get a good night's sleep without pills.

Alternatives to Sleeping Pills for Kids

Before getting into anything, we'd like to make something clear: what's in the best interest of your child's health is a decision that should be made by you, your pediatrician, and your child. Every situation is different, and medical sleep aids can be the right solution for some kids.

However, sleeping pills aren't generally designed for children, and in our experience, there are many ways to improve a child's sleep quality before resorting to sleeping pills. Here are a few tactics that can help your child get a great night's sleep:

  • Screen Bedtime: Your child has their own bedtime, but what if the screened devices like TV, computers, and phones had bedtimes as well? Blue light from screens can interfere with melatonin production, so have all the screened electronics in your home "go to bed" two hours before your child does.
  • Try a New Routine: The series of events leading up to bedtime can have a huge impact on your child's sleep. Ask yourself if there are ways to make your child's bedtime routine more soothing and relaxing, and if you find something that works, make it a nightly ritual.
  • Don't Forget the Day: Sometimes, difficulty sleeping is a side effect of a problem with a child's daytime routine. For example, many kids don't get enough exercise, which interferes with sleep. Make sure your child's day-to-day life is preparing their body for good sleep.

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All of these tips can help your child fall asleep and stay asleep easier, but it's important not to forget what they're sleeping on, as well. The right children's mattress can provide a huge boost in the quantity and quality of your child's sleep, and the 5 Little Monkeys sleep system is designed to do just that. Want to see the effects for yourself? Try our kid's mattress risk-free for the first 100 nights today!