How To Train Your Kids To Sleep


Establishing a bedtime routine that works, and helps your little one sleep through the night, is one of the most difficult challenges parents can face. Some kids are naturals, and some kids struggle to fall asleep for a variety of reasons, but 5 Little Monkeys believes that these tips, and a great sleep system as a foundation, can get your kids sleeping soundly in no time. Our kids waterproof mattress with mattress protector is perfect for toddlers navigating the trials and tribulations of big kid bedtime, for the very first time.

Consistency Is Key

Children, like all human beings, need some structure to flourish, and habit-forming patterns are the best way to adapt behavior over time. Bedtime should be a consistent ritual that begins at the same time each night, and follows predictable steps. Kids will model their parents’ behavior, so it’s best to perform the bedtime ritual together at the beginning. Eventually your little one will begin to lead the way to bedtime.

Know When to Step Back

There is much debate over whether or not to comfort your child when they cry out at night, or keep getting out of bed. Some encourage a hands off, “cry it out” approach, but we prefer a more moderate practice experts call “gradual extinction.” This is where you set limits on how many times, or when you will respond to your child’s nighttime crying, and remain firm about when it’s time to step back. Gradually lowering the number of times you respond over time will train your child to self-soothe, without being too abrupt.

Encourage Independence

Letting your child make certain choices at bedtime will help them take ownership of their routine, feel grown up, and ultimately feel less frustrated when it’s time to hit the hay. Let them choose the story they read, pick out a fun toothbrush, and decide which pajamas to wear.

Choose a Bed that Works

One of the best ways to help your child sleep through the night is to choose a mattress engineered to induce deep, healthy sleep. A kid-sized, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic mattress like the 5 Little Monkeys kids mattress will help little ones get super comfortable, fall asleep, and wake refreshed.

Try the Best Kids Mattress

It may be difficult, but following through with sleep training will help your child get the rest their growing body needs, and experience one of the earliest and most rewarding milestones of independence. For parents struggling with fussy sleepers, 5 Little Monkeys recommends trying our award winning mattress risk free for 100 nights. We are confident you’ll see an improvement in your child’s sleep. Contact us with any questions, and visit our blog for more tips!