Kids’ Bedrooms: How to Share a Room With a Sibling

Roomsharing is a given in most families today. It either makes the most sense because of the available space in a family home or based on budget. It can also be a great experience for siblings to grow close to one another and experience a bond that cannot always be created in other ways. There certainly are pros and cons to sharing a bedroom with a sibling. At 5 Little Monkeys, your premiere provider for children’s mattresses, we want to share a few tips on how to share a bedroom with a sibling, what parents can do, and how to make the best of the situation.

Have a Bunking Strategy

When pairing kids up to share a bedroom, it's important to have a pairing strategy. The balance of the room will depend on a few different factors. The 5 Little Monkeys’ team recommends keeping these things in mind when bunking kids together:

  • Age: Age is an important factor when choosing which children should share a bedroom and when. Typically, we suggest rooming children together when the youngest child can sleep through the night, so as not to bother the older child or children.
  • Personality: If you have more than two children and are choosing who is going to share a room, it may be important to think about each child’s personality. Every child is an individual and sometimes two different personalities do not get along when sharing a room. The opposite is also true, some personalities work perfectly together and their rooming situation may actually be more positive than when rooming alone.
  • Gender: For most young children, gender doesn’t really seem to influence how they share a room. However, this can change as a child gets older and begins to enter puberty. At the age of 10-12, children typically begin to express their gender identity more clearly, their bodies may begin to change, and they may no longer be comfortable changing in front of another sibling.

Every family situation is different and it’s important to find out what works for your children, even if there are a few bumps along the way.

Resolving Potential Rooming Problems

If your children do experience rooming difficulties, there are a couple ways to diffuse the tension. 5 Little Monkeys suggests the following tricks to avoid future problems or resolve current issues:

  • Timing: Sometimes the timing of moving kids into the same room is crucial. For example, if you are expecting a new baby and have two older children, move the two older children into the same room prior to the birth of the new baby. This way, your children will get used to sharing a room together before they need to get used to the new baby. Kids can only handle so much change at one time.
  • Ensure Personal Space: Although your children will be sharing a room, they should still have their allotted personal space. Make sure each child has their own individual bed, mattress, pillows, and blankets. This is essential for their sleep schedule. Depending on your child’s personality, you may even want to take this a step further to ensure they are comfortable in their own room. You can add a canopy to their bed for added privacy, have a built in reading nook for one child at a time, or divide the room with a large bookcase to give each child more individual space.
  • Noise Maker:For many children, getting on a specific sleep schedule can be difficult. Adding another child to the mix may exacerbate sleep problems. The 5 Little Monkeys’ sleep team has found that white noise can make all the difference. It can often make nap time and bedtime more seamless and help the children fall asleep quicker.
  • Be Patient: Room sharing is a process and your children will probably experience some minor problems. That is perfectly fine! Be patient with your children and work with them to make the best of their living situation and find a sleep system that works for them!

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