Healthy Sleep and the Best Kids Mattress


It’s summertime and your little one is getting a bit lazy in the mornings, and staying up later and later at night. 5 Little Monkeys, the experts behind the rave-reviewed Sleep System and one of the best children’s mattresses available, knows that as a parent you’ve worked hard to establish a consistent bedtime for your child, but sometimes a break from routine isn’t so bad. Read on to find out why, and what you can do to help your kids get the most out of their sleep.

Sleep Patterns: Subject to Change

Nomatter how hard we work to establish a bedtime habit, sometimes the body just asks for something different. While there’s no question that a regular bedtime is hugely beneficial for your child, it is a simple biological fact that her circadian rhythms will fluctuate, resulting in a new pattern of staying up and sleeping in. This is especially true as she enters teenagerdom, where hormones and intellectual development can cause late nights and groggy mornings.

Sleep Promotes Growth and Healing

Before you hustle your lollygagging little one out of bed in the morning, consider the fact that sleep promotes growth and healing, literally. Growth hormones are released during deep sleep throughout childhood, so letting your child get all his z’s, no matter how late he sleeps in, is in his best interest. Scraped knee from rowdy summer play? Sleep helps him heal quicker too.

Peaceful and Quiet Morning

Instead of worrying too much about your child messing up his sleep schedule, take advantage of the peace and quiet and get some well deserved relaxation, practice self-care, or get some personal work done before the parenting responsibilities come rolling in.

Happier Summer Days

The link between healthy amounts of sleep and mental health is a strong one, and good uninterrupted sleep is an absolute must for a happy child. Sometimes schedules slip up, especially during the uninhibited, sunny, long days of summer, and usually it’s in the name of fun, so let your child max-out her vacation days and remember that recharging at night (and sometimes through the morning) means that the memories she makes will be joyful as can be.

Implement a Foolproof Sleep System

Sleeping in happens, but it’s also very important to set good sleep habits for life, and keep bedtime consistent and positive. The environment your child sleeps in is as important as the rituals around it, that’s why 5 Little Monkeys has developed a hypoallergenic, organic cotton mattress designed to support little growing bodies from toddler to teenager. It also comes with a risk-free return policy that lets you try it for yourself for 100 days. Read our reviews, visit our blog for more sleep tips, and contact us for more!