What Makes 5 Little Monkeys the Perfect Kids Mattress?

The 5 Little Monkeys’ sleep system has been specifically designed for children, their growing bodies, and to give them a great night’s sleep. Our sleep experts are passionate about sleep and have built the best kids mattress with six amazing features. Check out our kid and toddler twin bed, perfect for children transitioning out of a crib and throughout their childhood development.

1. Hypoallergenic Kids Mattress

Does your child or a member of your family suffer from allergies? We’ve taken this into account when designing and developing our toddler twin bed and made all of our sleep system products hypoallergenic including the kids mattress cover.

2. Specialized Temperature Regulation Layer

Our 5 Little Monkeys’ kids mattress is made to regulate temperature and keep your child comfortable throughout the night to prevent wake-ups and restless sleep.

3. Worry-Free Waterproof Mattress Protector

With young children, accidents during the night are bound to happen and that’s why we’ve come prepared with a kids waterproof mattress. You can feel confident and comfortable putting your child to bed knowing that an accident will have an easy clean up.

4. Organic Cotton for Peace of Mind

Our twin bed for toddlers and children is made from organic cotton for your child’s comfort. We want to minimize any reactions your child may have, especially with harsh fabrics or synthetic materials. That’s why we believe in using organic cotton for all of our kid’s sleep systems.

5. Support Engineered for Kids

The 5 Little Monkeys’ kids mattress is made to help support your child’s growing body. From toddler to teen, we can help support the changes your child’s body will experience and ensure that throughout these changes, they will continually receive a great night’s sleep.

6. Cradling Technology for Reduce Restlessness

As your child makes the transition from their crib into our kid and toddler bed, they may be a little restlessness. The good news is, our sleep experts have designed our kids mattress with cradling technology to soothe your child and reduce any restlessness they experience.

Purchase Your Child’s Sleep System Today!

Looking for a new kids mattress or toddler bed? Check out the kids sleep system from 5 Little Monkeys. We are confident you will love the mattress features and how your little one sleeps!