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Calming Your Child’s Sleep Anxiety

Does your child worry at night when it is time to fall asleep? Unfortunately, this is becoming more normal for many school aged children. About 20-30% of children feel sleep anxiety and have difficulty falling asleep a night. The good news is there are several steps that parents can take to ease this anxiety and help their children fall asleep more naturally and consistently. The 5 Little Monkeys sleep team recommends finding the best children’s mattress for your child and practicing these 6 ways to stop worrying before bedtime.

1. No Screen Time at Bedtime

Calming Your Child’s Sleep AnxietyMake sure your child does not have screen time before bedtime. Screen time can increase anxiety in children and can lead to difficulty sleeping or even insomnia. Instead, try reading before bed, either together or the child on their own.

2. Strict Bedtime Routine

No matter how old your child gets, the bedtime routine should be fairly similar: bathtime, pajamas, brushing teeth, bedtime stories. Of course this can be changed over time to fit your child’s age, but a strong bedtime routine reduces nighttime anxieties and allows a child to fall asleep easier.

3. Have a Little Pillow Talk

After reading, if your child needs a little pillow talk or snuggle time, allow this. 5 Little Monkeys recommends 5-10 minutes with a strict limit. Parents can have this down time with their child to ensure the child is comfortable and stress-free, but they should also ensure that it doesn’t create dependency.

4. Can’t Fall Asleep? Read a Little More

If your child is simply not tired or seems to have a lot on their mind, allow them to read longer until they fall asleep. The 5 Little Monkeys sleep team suggests reading because it naturally calms the mind and will put your child at ease. Your child should not be given a screen if they cannot fall asleep.

5. Regulate Fluids At Night

It can be difficult to fall asleep if you need to go to the bathroom more than once. For this reason, we recommend limiting the number of liquids your child consumes after dinner time. This will decrease their need to go to the bathroom and therefore make them more relaxed at bedtime.

6. Call Your Pediatrician

If you have tried all of these techniques consistently and your child still has bedtime anxieties that prevent them from falling asleep, you should call the pediatrician. Something else may be occurring with your child and it’s important to get to the bottom of it.

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