Babysitter’s Club: Getting Kids to Bed While Babysitting

Babysitter’s Club: Getting Kids to Bed While Babysitting


Getting kids to bed can be a difficult task, especially if you are a babysitter or caregiver once in a while for children. Fortunately, 5 Little Monkeys, the children’s mattress specialist, has all the tips and tricks for you to get those little ones down at night. Follow our advice and we guarantee the children you are watching will fall right to sleep.

Putting Kids to Sleep

With children, one of the most important pieces of advice is being consistent. Children like structure and respond well to it, especially when dealing with bedtime. 5 Little Monkeys and our kids waterproof mattress team recommend the following:

  • Follow the same bedtime routine as the parents: Even as the babysitter, you should follow the same bedtime routine that the kids are used to. This should normally consist of a warm bath, pajamas, brushing teeth, using the toilet, reading stories, and going to bed.
  • Ensure they know you are in charge: For some babysitters, it can be difficult to be seen as an authority figure, like the parents are seen as. From the start, babysitters should be firm with the children so that when they say it's time for bed, the children know it's time for bed.
  • Nightlights are okay: If a child is a little nervous about going to bed without their parents there, make sure they are comfortable with a nightlight, the door slightly cracked open, or a stuffed animal to snuggle.
  • Calm them down with a song or a back rub: Little things may comfort a child into falling asleep like a calming lullaby or even a soft back rub.

Every child will be a little different so make sure you find out what works for them. Putting a child to bed while babysitting shouldn’t be a difficult task, with these tips we are sure you’ll be able to manage successfully.

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