4 Effective Bedtime Routine Tips & Tricks

4 Effective Bedtime Routine Tips & Tricks

The bedtime routine is an essential part of parenting for your own sanity and for your child’s sleep schedule and overall behavior during the day. Bedtime routines should be done consistently and effectively every night so that your child understands what will happen at bedtime. This will also allow your child to fall asleep more easily so they get a better night’s rest. 5 Little Monkeys is an expert in children’s mattresses and children’s sleep, we guarantee your child will sleep better with these effective bedtime routine tips.

Consistent Bedtime Routine

Your child’s bedtime routine should be consistent every night. Normally, it should consist of a warm bath, pajamas, teeth brushing, using the toilet, bedtime stories, lights out, and going to sleep. Every evening you should practice the same routine so that your child will know what to expect.

Limit Liquids Before Bed

In order to keep your bedtime routine short, you should limit your child’s liquid consumption before bedtime. Many liquids will cause your child to use the bathroom more than once therefore making it more difficult to fall asleep. This is especially important when potty training as well. Check out our kids waterproof mattresses for an added layer of security.

Comfort Items

If your child needs a comfort item during the bedtime routine, that is perfectly normal. For many children this may be a stuffed animal, a specific blanket, or a nightlight. These all give a certain degree of comfort while getting ready for bed.

No Screens Before Bed

To ensure your child falls right to sleep, do not include any screen time during the bedtime routine. Screens will cause your child to be more awake and will hinder them from falling asleep. 5 Little Monkeys suggests not using any screens during the bedtime routine.

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