5 Ways to Get Past the Post-Holiday Slump

5 Ways to Get Past the Post-Holiday Slump

The holidays are supposed to be a break right? Then why do we often feel so tired coming off of Christmas, New Years, and all the supposedly relaxing festivities? The post-holiday slump is real, and here at 5 Little Monkeys we want to help make sure that yours isn’t any longer than it needs to be—that’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 quick tips to get your and your kids through that holiday hangover and get your life back into gear. Find out below what you can do to start this year off fresh and how a sleep system mattress can change 2022 for the better!

First Things First
So you made some New Year’s Resolutions this year, and maybe you’ve been keeping them and maybe you haven’t—but one thing we do know is that it is much harder to hold yourself to your resolutions when you are exhausted at the end of the day. Whether your goal is to journal daily or to hit the gym more often, try starting your day with your goal activity to keep your resolutions from getting buried in the day’s tasks!

A Fresh Start
By the end of the year we tend to accumulate stacks of paper on our desks, piles of clothes in our rooms, and mounds of random files on our desktop. If you want to get past that post-holiday slump, you may need to do some serious reorganizing. Give yourself a full day to rearrange your living space and computer space to feel revitalized going into 2022.

Give The Kids A Break
Nothing can derail your day like a temper tantrum from one of your young ones or a hissy fit aimed directly at your face. One of the leading causes of misbehavior and irritability in children is low quality sleep, which may be due to low quality mattresses. Give yourself a break by making sure your child is well rested on a specially designed childrens’ mattress by 5 Little Monkeys.

New Look New You
Ugly holiday sweaters and second helpings of pecan pie don’t always have the best effect on our self esteem. Sometimes all you need to get out of that post-holiday slump is to remind yourself that you can look great, even if it's just on the zoom screen. Get your hair done or use one of those amazon gift cards to treat yourself to a new look for 2022!

Breath Easy With A New Sleep System
Snoring, sleep apnea, and poor sleeping position can all negatively affect your sleep quality, leading to exhaustion and even more serious side-effects including memory loss. With the right sleep system mattress you and your children can improve your sleep quality and your energy levels during the day—which is why 5 Little Monkeys sleep scientists have painstakingly designed the best kids mattress to allow your child to sleep the night through. The better sleep your kids get, the smoother your days will run! Experience the 5 Little Monkeys magic by trying one of our childrens’ mattresses today! Contact us to learn more about our sleep system mattress and to get out of that post-holiday slump.