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The Only Risk Is Falling in Love

A World-Class Mattress for Kids, 100% Risk-Free

At 5 Little Monkeys, we believe kids deserve better sleep. That's why we've engineered the childrens mattress from the ground up, designing a sleep system that gives kids what their bodies need for truly restful, healthy sleep. Best of all, we let you try our kids bedding for 100 nights, 100% risk-free.

Take the 100-Night Rest Test with Our Mattress for Kids

We're so confident in our childrens mattress, we want you to try it risk free. If you and your little one don't fall in love with the mattress after 100 nights sleeping on it, just let us know. We'll pick it up and give you a full refund, no questions asked.
100 Sweet Sleeps
100 Magnificent Mornings
Zero Risk

The Best Warranty for a Childrens Mattress

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond our money-back guarantee, though. Most mattresses come with a standard 5-year warranty, while some premium beds offer a 10-year warranty. We'll do you one better.
Only the 5 Little Monkeys kids mattress offers an industry-leading 15-year warranty. That's right: order a 5 Little Monkeys Mattress and we'll support the product for the next 15 years. It is, truly, the last mattress you'll need to buy for your child!

Order the Best Mattress for a Child Today!

Ready to see how the 5 Little Monkeys bed can help you? Order the sleep system online today. If you're not 100% satisfied within 100 nights, we'll give you a full refund. Be careful, though – once your child tries our mattress, you might want one too!


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"I was even thrilled that their mattresses come with a pillow, a sheet, and zipper capability on the waterproof protectant cover. Can I get an Amen or a woohoo!"
"Created for kids, but still amazing when your mother in law comes to visit."
You will need a great mattress to set your child up for sleep success. We gave this a lot of thought. When we made the move, we went with the 5 Little Monkeys Bed for many reasons.
"These are the BEST mattresses for children, and they come with an amazing warranty so it will truly last your child until they leave the nest."
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"5 Little Monkeys has developed a sleep system designed and developed for our kids, by parents WITH children."
"This mattress is AMAZING. They’ve taken this mattress making thing to a whole other level!"
"5 Little Monkeys created the best sleep system for children."
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