The Last Bed You’ll Buy Them

The Last Bed You’ll Buy Them

From Out-of-the-Crib Through Off-to-College

Why Kids Need to Sleep Well

Studies Show Well-Rested Kids…

  • Are better able to manage emotions
  • Are less likely to struggle with anxiety or depression 
  • Are more likely to maintain a healthy weight
  • Perform better in school
  • Enjoy better social development

How 5 Little Monkeys Helps Kids Get Better Sleep

A sleep system designed to address the issues that keep kids from getting the rest they need

Pillow - Designed for proper spinal alignment, it’s hypoallergenic, machine washable and covered in organic cotton.
Mattress Protector - Waterproof and made with organic jersey knit, keeps mattress pristine and preserved. Large securing bands for ease and durability.
Mattress Cover - Removable, washable and made with organic cotton.
Comfort Layer - Dual Phase Change Gel regulates body temperature by absorbing and channeling heat away from the body to maintain optimum sleep temperature.
Support Layer - Made with Responsive Memory Foam to provide exceptional support for ideal sleep posture. The open-cell structure produces breathable and odorless foam.
Base Layer - Strengthens layers above for durability, comfort and resilience.
How 5 Little Monkeys Helps Kids Get Better Sleep

Shop Our Kids Sleep System

Photo of Sleep System mattress
The Mattress
Balances body temperature, contours and cradles for ultimate comfort.
Photo of Sleep System mattress protector
The Mattress Protector
Waterproof, allergy-proof, washable, organic cotton, and worry-free.
Photo of Sleep System pillow
The Pillow
Perfect size and ideal fill for little growing bodies.

A Pillow Created for Good Posture & Peaceful Rest

  • • Custom fill for the correct spinal alignment of smaller bodies
  • • Fits standard size pillowcase
  • • Hypoallergenic
  • • Cover made with organic cotton
A Pillow Created for Good Posture & Peaceful Rest

A Mattress Protector Made With Kids in Mind

  • • Waterproof & stain-resistant
  • • Machine washable
  • • Oversized bands for ease and durability
  • • Hypoallergenic
  • • Made with organic cotton jersey knit with non-toxic waterproof backing
A Mattress Protector Made With Kids in Mind

A Mattress Built for Lasting Comfort

  • • Machine washable, stain- and water-resistant cover with heavy duty zipper
  • • Cover made with organic cottonn
  • • Comfort layer with cradling open-cell memory foam and Dual Phase Change Gel
  • • Pressure-adaptive support layer
  • • Highly durable base layer
  • Made in the USA
A Mattress Built for Lasting Comfort

Take the 100-Night Rest Test on Our Sleep System Bed - Risk Free!

We've designed the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System bed to perfectly suit kids in every way, and we're so confident you'll love it that we welcome you to try it 100% risk-free. Try our kids mattress for 100 nights and if you aren't completely satisfied, we'll give you a full refund – no questions asked. Shop our toddler twin beds and kids mattress today!
100-Night Rest Test
15-Year Mattress Warranty
Ships in 24 Hours
Free Shipping & Returns

What the Experts Think

"When it comes to the transition from crib to big kid bed–the better the tools, the smoother the journey. 5 Little Monkeys is one of the most indispensable tools you can have as you head out."
"As a Family Sleep Specialist, I know the importance of a quality sleep surface for a child. Up until finding the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System, I did not have a specific mattress I could recommend to my clients looking to purchase their child’s first big kid bed mattress. All of the mattresses available were adult mattresses being sold for children. The 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System is unique in that it was developed specifically for a child’s growing body. The creators, veterans in the mattress business, constructed the mattress with the developmentally appropriate support, durability, temperature regulation, and organic materials, for a children’s mattress. As an added value, the mattress also comes with a waterproof and washable mattress protector (priceless for those “accidents do happen” nights), a child size pillow, and an adorable stuffed monkey that the kids will love. I work with so many families during the crib to bed transition, which is often a stressful time. I am so happy that I now have the perfect mattress system to recommend to my clients."
"Children need a good mattress and cozy sleep space as much as any adult. I recommend 5 Little Monkeys. Once your child is ready for a “big kid” bed, get them one that even you would want to sleep in...and maybe you won’t have to!"