Why a Good Mattress Is Essential for Children with Special Needs


At 5 Little Monkeys, we're big proponents of the importance of quality, ample sleep for kids. Good sleep is critical for cognitive, emotional, and physical development, helping make just about every part of a child's life better. And when it comes to children with special needs, the importance of sleep goes double. Our 5 Little Monkeys Bed is designed to give kids what their growing bodies need for healthy sleep, and that includes children with special needs. To learn more about how a good mattress can help children with special needs, we talked to a leading autism mommy blogger – and 5 Little Monkeys Bed user – about how the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System helps her child with autism sleep better at night.

How to Help Children with Special Needs Get Better Sleep

When we asked our mommy blogger to pinpoint one feature of the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System that helps children with autism, she gave us the perfect reply:

"There's a saying that goes 'If you know one child with autism, then you know one child with autism,'" she explains. "Because people on the spectrum are so different from each other, I would find it difficult to pinpoint a particular feature that is important to children with autism."

But there was one thing she was sure about:

"Sleep is so so important for children's development that a good mattress like yours is just a must-have."

A good children's mattress helps kids sleep better, more soundly, and – crucially – sleep through the night. For children with autism or other special needs, this is especially important.

"It's very challenging for many autistic children to stay in bed and sleep through the night," explains our mommy blogger. "Just the fact that 5 Little Monkeys mattresses are so comfortable makes a difference in the quality and quantity of sleep. Jude was the one using your mattress but we gave it to Charlie when we moved to our new house to see if he'd sleep better and I think he does. He can't tell us but he sleeps through the night on most days and that's big for us."

A high-quality kids mattress can be the difference between a fitful, wakeful night of tossing and a full night of restful sleep. That full, restful night of sleep helps children growth and develop healthfully, leaving them more emotionally stable and cognitively strong – especially for children with special needs. Over the years, the effect of a good night's sleep helps make every aspect of a child's life better, and it all starts with a high-quality kids bed.

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