The Ultimate Toddler Bedtime Routine


At 5 Little Monkeys, our mission is to help kids everywhere get healthier, more restful sleep. As parents ourselves, we've seen firsthand just how important sleep is to the health, development, and overall happiness of a child, and we've created a purpose-built sleep system designed to supercharge any child's sleep. But great sleep requires more than a great children's bed, and an effective bedtime routine is one of the most important elements. If you find yourself fighting to get your toddler to bed every night, here are our tips on creating the ultimate toddler bedtime routine.

How to Create the Perfect Bedtime Routine for Toddler's

Is bedtime a nightly battle between you and your toddler? Trust us: it doesn't have to be. The right bedtime routine, combined with other techniques for better sleep hygiene, can help your child fall asleep safely and soundly each night without tears or trouble. Follow these simple tips for a better bedtime, healthier sleep, and a happier kid:

  • Consistency Is Key: When it comes to toddlers, routine and consistency are paramount in virtually every aspect of life. Bedtime is no different. This doesn't mean your bedtime routine needs to follow the exact same steps every night, but you should have a few familiar activities in rotation and keep the rhythm of the routine consistent each time.
  • Start Early: One of the biggest things to understand about a successful bedtime is that it needs to start well before bedtime. You should plan to start helping your child wind down at least 2 hours before their actual bedtime – this means things like limiting screens, avoiding high-energy activities, or taking a warm bath to help your child relax and prepare for bed.
  • Avoid Rushing: Even if you want to put your child to sleep as quickly as possible, it's important to never let the bedtime routine feel rushed. Children should feel safe, secure, and relaxed as they prepare for bed, so make sure to budget enough time to let the routine progress without hurrying things.
  • Don't Forget the Daytime: Finally, remember that your bedtime routine is only one part of the equation. Your child's daily activities are just as important in helping them fall asleep, and if they aren't getting enough activity and exercise, that will make bedtime harder. Make sure your child is getting a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and enough activity to leave them properly tuckered out when it's time to hit the hay.

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