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The #1 Sleep Position for Your Child of Any Age

The #1 Sleep Position for Your Child of Any Age

At 5 Little Monkeys, we've spent years developing a children's sleep system that's genuinely designed for kids, from the ground up. That's because as parents ourselves, we know the difference that high-quality, truly restful sleep can make in a child's life. But your kid's mattress isn't the only thing that affects sleep quality, and if you're like us, you've probably wondered what the best sleep position is for children – and thankfully, we can answer that question.

The Best Sleep Position for Children

When it comes to infants and babies, there's really only one option recommended for sleep. Babies should sleep on their back, on a firm crib mattress, with nothing else inside the crib. The reason for this is safety: according to research, this is the best way to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.

The science around SIDS is still murky, and causes aren't well understood, but research points to two possible factors. One is that if an infant has their face pushed into a pocket of bedding, they may "rebreathe" air which lowers oxygen intake and prevents them from getting rid of carbon dioxide. Second, recent research suggests that some infants may be underdeveloped in specific regions of the brain, preventing them from waking up if their body starts having trouble during sleep. Sleeping in the supine position (on the back) prevents rebreathing and ensures healthy air intake, minimizing the dangerous situations that may be a cause of SIDS.

After age 1, however, the risk of SIDS drops to virtually zero, so these restrictions fall away. Once your toddler transfers from a crib to a childrens mattress, they're free to sleep in any position that's comfortable for them: on their back, on their side, on their stomach, or in the fetal position.

Try Purpose-Built Mattress for Kids Today

We hope this info helps you better understand what your child needs for safe, healthy sleep, and as always, you're welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions. And if your little one is ready for a children's mattress of their own, we can help. Take the 100-Night Rest Test and try our kids mattress risk-free today. We guarantee you and your child will fall in love with it – and we're excited to help your family experience the power of restful, healthy sleep.