Temperature Regulating Mattress for Kids

Temperature Regulating Mattress for Kids

The human body is very sensitive to temperature, and this is especially true for little kids whose bodies are smaller and can lose heat and overheat more quickly than adults. As a parent trying to help your child get a good night’s rest, temperature control is critical to reduce restlessness and encourage deep, healing sleep. That’s where 5 Little Monkeys has you covered with the best kids mattress, engineered with your child’s health in mind. Our sleep system, which includes our kids mattress, mattress protector, and pillow, is hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and organic.( We can’t say organic because we are not 100% organic. We use organic materials.) Here’s how to find the perfect temperature for your child’s sleep.

Control Room Temperature

The easiest way to control temperature year-round is with central AC and heating, but sometimes this kind of temperature control can be expensive, isn’t available, or simply doesn’t do the trick if other factors are getting in the way. For those without central AC in the summer and heat in the winter, a box fan or a small plug-in heater can help optimize temperature for sleeping, and can also provide soothing white noise to help your child relax.

Choose Seasonally Appropriate Bedding

Bedding is a very important factor for temperature control, from the type of sheets you choose, to the kind of blanket or comforter. When dressing your child’s bed, not only should you let your little one pick out bedding he or she is excited about, you should also make sure it is seasonally appropriate. Cotton sheets are a healthy summer option, and flannel sheets are perfect for winter. A faux-down comforter is very warm and lightweight, and colorful quilts can be layered or removed as needed any time of year

Choose a Temperature Responsive Mattress

The insulating qualities of the bed itself are arguably more important than the bedding, and unlike bedding, the mattress shouldn’t have to be swapped out seasonally. This is why a temperature responsive mattress, like the 5 Little Monkeys kids mattress, is critical for a good night’s sleep. Our mattress is made with an open-cell structure that enhances airflow, as well as Dual Phase Change Gel technology, that allows the mattress to adapt to your child’s unique body temperature. To find out why the 5 Little Monkeys Sleep System is the best investment in your child’s sleep, read our reviews, and try our mattress risk free!

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