How to Keep Your Toddler in Bed


You've gone through your bedtime routine. You've tucked your child into bed. Sang them a song, told them a story, kissed them on the forehead, and turned out the lights. By all accounts, your little one should be off to dreamland – but despite your best efforts, they still left their bed to come sneak into yours. At 5 Little Monkeys, our mission is to help kids everywhere get better sleep and to serve as a resource to parents working to do the same. And if you're having trouble keeping your toddler in their bed the whole night through, we can help.

Keeping Your Little One in Their Kids Bed

Now, don't get us wrong here: once in a while, it's perfectly ok for your little one to spend the night in your bed. Especially if your child is sick, teething or going through a milestone, they might need extra parent snuggle time. But it's important for kids to learn how to sleep soundly on their own, and that means staying the night in their own bed. So how can you break the cycle?

The most important part is consistency. As you're re-teaching your child to stay in their own bed, it's important to have a completely consistent response, no matter how many times it happens. Toddlers thrive on routine and consistency, and if you make sure your reaction is the same each and every time they leave the bed, they will learn.

The method for re-teaching them is simple: each time they leave their bed to come get you, simply guide them back to their room, put them back in bed, and explain that they can't leave the bed on their own. If they need something, they should call out for you and you'll come right away – but they can't get up to get you. Don't get angry, snap at them, or lose your temper. Simply react calmly, in the same way, each and every time.

At first, you may be spending the majority of the night guiding them back to bed. Don't be surprised it you have to go through this dozens of times on the first night. But no matter how many times it happens, remember: be consistent. The next night, it'll happen fewer times. And eventually, they'll learn that it's not ok to leave the bed – simple as that.

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