How Scary Movies Affect Children’s Sleep

How Scary Movies Affect Children’s Sleep


It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner, so naturally your child might be itching to indulge in some spooky fun, trick or treating, costume making, and maybe a scary movie or two. 5 Little Monkeys knows that every parent has to set their own boundaries for what content is or isn’t appropriate for their child, and that every child deserves the health benefits of a mattress made just for them, so here’s a couple of points to keep in mind about how scary movies affect children’s sleep.

Restlessness and Anxiety

Going to sleep can be difficult at any age, and a variety of factors can contribute to wakefulness and difficulties winding down for bed. This can have to do with the amount of light exposure your child gets at the end of the day, screen time, exercise, or watching a frightening movie and getting hopped-up on adrenaline! If your child experiences high amounts of stress and anxiety from the media they consume, it might be important to set certain limits, but as we all remember from childhood, getting a little spooked is normal.

Protect Bed from Nighttime Accidents

Sometimes nightmares and fitful sleep can lead to… accidents. Whether or not your child has a history of wetting the bed, it is important to protect your mattress with a mattress cover, making it waterproof and impervious to any kind of mess.

Set Up an Ideal Sleep Environment

The best way to help your child wind down from the day’s events, no matter how spooky or exciting, is to establish a positive relationship with bedtime through strong routines and the ideal sleep environment. The components of a strong sleep environment can be found in this list, but at the center is the sleep system, a mattress built from the ground up for growing bodies, made of organic, hypoallergenic materials. Improving the quality of your child’s sleep is an investment in their quality of life, any time of year.

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