Does Sleep Really Affect Your Child's Learning Ability?

At 5 Little Monkeys, we are champions of healthy, restful sleep. We've seen the impact that proper sleep can make in our own children, and we're working to help families everywhere experience healthier sleep by offering what we think is the best children's mattress on the market. But some parents have doubts about the more dramatic claims about sleep and health, and many parents wonder: can sleep really impair your child's learning ability?

The Link Between Sleep and Learning Ability

As it turns out, the science is pretty clear here – and the answer is a resounding yes.

Sleep improves learning ability in a number of ways, but one of the biggest is memory. While scientists are still growing to understand the link between sleep and memory, research has found clear links between sleep and memory formation, particularly as it relates to retention of learning. In a study of 40 preschoolers who participated in a memory game, those who didn't get a nap forgot about 15% of what they learned, while those who took a nap we able to remember all of it.

Children's brains are so active during sleep that it appears kids are even capable of, quite literally, learning while they sleep! A study at the Columbia University Medical Center played particular sounds for a group of newborns followed by a gentle puff of air on their eyelids. Within just 20 minutes, the still-sleeping newborns had learned to squint whenever they heard the sound in anticipation of the air puff – even though they'd been asleep the whole time.

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Sleep plays a crucial role in every aspect of learning from infancy through adulthood, and scientists are only beginning to fully understand the relationship between sleep and learning. One thing's for sure, though: healthy, restful sleep is vital to a child's mental development. That's why we're proud to offer a children's mattress designed to give growing bodies what they need for truly restful sleep. Want to learn more about the health impacts of sleep and how the right children's mattress can help? Contact us today!

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