6 Budget-Friendly At-Home Summer Activities


Summer is finally here, but unfortunately, it's not the summer that any of us were dreaming of. With families all over the world trapped inside due to the COVID-19 quarantine, celebrating summer has gotten a little trickier – but it's not impossible. At 5 Little Monkeys, we're proud to offer a children's mattress that's beloved by parents and kids alike, and if you're looking for easy ways to enjoy the summer at home without breaking the bank, we're here to offer a few suggestions.

6 Summer Activities You Can Do At Home

While we may all be stuck at home, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the warm weather and sunshine that summer brings. Here are 6 great at-home activities you can do to celebrate the summer, while sticking to a budget:

  • Backyard Picnic: Sometimes, even a minor change of scenery makes all the difference. Parks may have limited hours, but you can still enjoy a picnic if you've got a backyard. Just bring out a blanket and some of your favorite lunch foods and spend the afternoon taking in the fresh air!
  • Homemade Bird Feeder: For a fun activity that combines nature and crafting, you can make your own homemade bird feeder. All you have to do is get a few sticks, coat them in peanut butter, then roll them in birdseed. Tie the sticks together with string on either side to make something like a 'ladder,' then hang it outside and watch the birds enjoy!
  • DIY Obstacle Course: For some fun physical activity, nothing beats an obstacle course. You can make your own by using hula hoops, pool noodles, hoses, stones, and other materials to craft creative obstacles and weave them into your own backyard obstacle course. Time your kids as they go through it and give a prize to the winner!
  • Paint Rocks: This is a classic arts and crafts activity that's even better when you're on lockdown. Rocks make great natural canvases for painting, so break out the paint, get creative, and paint your own igneous masterpieces. Then, display them around the house for some quarantine decoration.
  • Do an Ecological Study: At first glance, a yard is just a yard – but even the most well-groomed yard is its own ecosystem. Do your own ecological study by combing the yard to look for all the different species of plants and bugs you can find. Record your findings to create your own inventory of your backyard ecosystem, then imagine how all the organisms relate to each other to live in harmony!
  • Backyard Camping: Who needs a campsite? Sometimes, sleeping under the stars is great even in your own backyard. Bring out a blanket or a tent and a few sleeping bags and host your own summer outdoor camping party. It's a great change of pace, and few things are as refreshing as waking up to the natural sunrise.

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