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Tips & Tricks for Better Sleep from Your Children's Mattress Experts

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At 5 Little Monkeys, we're proud to have created a revolutionary children's mattress designed to give kids exactly what they need for perfect sleep – but our mission goes beyond that. We're passionate about ensuring that children everywhere get the restful sleep they need to grow and thrive. While the 5 Little Monkeys’ Sleep System is central to that goal, we also want to serve as a resource for all your sleep-related, parent questions and needs. Feel free to take a look through our blog for tips, tricks, and advice on getting better sleep for your little one. Now you can filter by sleep topic or concern to get right to the answer you need, fast!

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If you have further questions about our 5 Little Monkeys’ Sleep System bed, buying a toddler mattress, or your child’s sleep needs, never hesitate to contact our kids mattress experts directly. Our staff will be more than happy to help you find the answers you need. Shop our children’s mattress and sleep products today!

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As a parent, we’ve all experienced what happens when a child is overly tired. The tantrums, irritability, erratic behavior and worst of all, the inability to fall asleep because they are too tired. Tired brains can bring out challenging behavior in children which can make it extremely difficult for them and you at bedtime. When children are overly tired they produce more cortisol which in turn makes them hyper. With an excess for cortisol in their systems, children are more prone to frequent night wakings, earlier wake ups, and short or broken naps. Setting up Sleep Goals for your family can help get your children into healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime.

Why is Sleep so Important For...

There are three important factors in helping your child get a healthy night's sleep. One has to do with limiting their time on devices, like computers, phones, and laptops. Another is having a comfortable environment to sleep in, meaning purchasing the best kid mattress available and making sure there isn't too much light or noise in the room.

The third is one most parents may not know of. It's adopting exercise into their daily routines. Studies show that this physical activity influences your child's sleep patterns.

Effects of Poor Quality Sleep

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that poor quality sleep, among children, is associated with an increased risk for diabetes, obesity, mental health issues, and behavioral...

Should You Be Worried If Your Child Snores?

Should You Be Worried If Your Child Snores?

Nearly every child – just like every person – snores on occasion. But some kids snore on a fairly regular basis, and as a parent, it can be difficult to know if this is normal or part of some underlying problem. At 5 Little Monkeys, our mission is to help kids everywhere get better sleep by offering a purpose-built children's mattress, but we strive to be an educational resource as well. So if you've been asking yourself if you should worry about your child's snoring, we're here to offer an answer.

Snoring & Children

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 10 percent of kids snore on most nights. On...

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