Communication is Key! 3 Part Series on Prepping for Back to School

Part 3: Communicators Mount Up!

Communicate as much as possible! As hard as it is to not to relish in those last glorious days of summer freedom, and you absolutely should, there also needs to be conversations about school starting again and what that looks like for your child and your family. Perhaps your child is starting a new school or a grade where there is going to be a lot more homework. Maybe there is a teacher they are dreading or they’re no longer in class with their best friend. Whatever it is, talking with your child, about what is on their mind will help ease their fears, especially at bed time!

 So from experience, I will tell you it is super beneficial to talk about what the school days are going to look like for them from the moment they wake up until bedtime. Explain in detail which activities will be afterschool and on what days. Which parent or caretaker will be doing drop off and pick up and on which days. When we were going through a hard time with my older daughter transitioning to kindergarten, my husband and I put up a dry/erase board in our kitchen. Every Sunday night with the girls, we chart out, the schedule for the week. That way the kids know the plan and what to expect in the coming week. My daughter whose anxiety revved up at bedtime, improved drastically! This allowed her to get control of her emotions and she became much calmer when it was time to get in bed.

 Remember how extremely important it is for us parents to be positive about the start of the new school year. Even if you dread the 6:00 AM wakeup time as much as I do, don’t complain to your kid! Remember, it’s all about how you frame it! “I can’t believe how much more I accomplish when I get up a little bit earlier in the morning!”

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy school year and an easy transition back into the routine!

Sleep Well,


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