4 Tips for the 4th to set your kids up for success!

 Verbalize the Plan…

4th of July for many families, consists of a day packed with BBQ’s, parades, parties and nighttime fireworks.  We tend to be overscheduled with activities that are not the normal everyday routine.  There will be new faces, new places and loud noises. 

 A great way to manage expectations and time is to go over in detail with your kids, the plan for the day. Let them know where you will be going, who they will be seeing, what food they will be eating and all the fun activities they will be doing.  If kids have a clear vision of the day’s events, chances are things will run a lot smoother.  Younger children like to know what to expect.  It helps them feel more in control.

 Don’t forget to nap…

Since fireworks don’t happen until the sun goes down, there is a good chance your little ones will be up way past their bedtime.  Even if your bigger kids no longer nap, encourage an hour of quiet time before the big spectacular.  A little catnap during the day could help your kids stay bright eyed for the fireworks and avoid melting down before the show’s over.

 Get out of the way…

When you’re a small child, large crowds, loud noises and darkness can be scary and overwhelming. Try seeking out a less crowded area to watch fireworks.  It might help your kids feel more secure.

 Come prepared…

Unpack the beach towels and bathing suits from earlier in the day and replace the bag with earplugs or headphones, snuggly blankets and even sunglasses. You can help your child from getting overly stimulated by fireworks by keeping a few items in your bag to help sooth them. Not only can headphones muffle the loud noise, but you could also plug in your phone and play some of your child’s favorite music while he or she watches the show.

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